Harry Winser

Summer Movie Roundup

Ah Summer. You're a bit like Hubba Bubba gum or a new series of Sherlock; great but never hang around long enough. Anyway, so summer is now over, and I've decided to do a movie round up of what I've seen. It's be one mostly fully of Super Hero films (some asked for, others not) as well as remakes. In some cases both! Anyway, let's get on with it!

Oh, slight spoiler warning. If you've not seen the below films probably don't read ahead. Or do. Just, yeah you're old enough to make up your own mind.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

First up, we have a film that was actually release at the start of the summer. Ok, April might be pushing the whole summer thing a little, but sod it it's my blog. Actually, I've already written a review for it, so go ahead and read it here. Basically, I said it was pretty great and worth a watch, though not as good as the original.

However, I will add that I've just bought it on DVD and found it difficult to finish. Just... It's kinda long. Maybe it's me just being a little fussy. Anyway, go read the previous review.

Jurassic World

Holy crap I didn't think this would ever turn up. I remember hearing about this film a good number of years ago, and expected for it to have a permanent place in movie hell.

Dinosaurs and stuff

So, here we are in 2015 and not only has this film been released, it was bloody brilliant! Good CGI, nice throw backs to the previous films, and there's a bit at the beginning where you're flying over the park where you think "Fuck Disney land, why can't this place exist?"

The story had some serious flaws, such as some random Dino team up at the end (Seriously what?!) and one story thread that didn't go anywhere and was subsequently eaten by a Raptor (actually happened, not joking). Of course, no one can talk about this film without mentioning the elephant in the room; the lead characters stilettos! Seriously, she doesn't take them off, yet can run through forest and mud, along with outrunning a T-Rex. I don't know what was going on there. Maybe a 90's throw back of its own kind?

Either way, I highly recommend the film!

Inside Out

Pixar you cruel bastards. You have a direct line to my heart, and once again there was little holding back. A funny, intelligent, and emotional piece of film work Inside Out is easily the stand out film this year.

It speaks to everyone, as pretty much everyone went through similar times in their own life. Joy of being young and not needing to worry. Having imaginary friends. And understanding that all emotions have their right time and place. I think the moment that actually spoke to me most was the part right at the end, where the lead character speaks to a boy in the hockey rink. The little people inside his head just freak out and don't know what to do. This has happened to me too many times in my life to count. And I know other people out there connected to the film in their own way. So well done once again Pixar for making cinema gold. Again. Have you done some weird deal with a demon or something?


For those of you who know me in the real world, you'll know I love Comic books. And Ant-Man is one of my favourites. Loads of great witty moments, and not afraid to have a an ending you weren't quite expecting. Scott Lang is a screw up. He's not going to suddenly make the right decisions now he's got some magic suit.

Tiny human is tiny

So, does this film deliver? Errr... no. It suffers from a few key issues.

First, pacing. There's a real lull in the middle, and just isn't funny enough to carry it through this stage. Second, one of the key jokes was actually ruined in the trailer. If they could like not do that that would be great. Thanks. Actually, this film tries to ride on humour a lot, but doesn't deliver. It's not a comedy film.

It does have a few saving graces. First is Anthony. How the hell did a film make me care about an ant???? There was also the key, incredibly obvious, love interest. You know the drill; both hate each other, they slowly warm to each other, and bam! They're together at the end. Ok, this is pretty much exactly how this played out. But, its big difference was that I disliked the love interest at first, and grew like her throughout the film. First time where this has actually happened. So well done there! All in all, Ant-Man isn't a bad film. It's certainly no Spiderman or Fantastic 4. Speaking of which...

Fantastic 4

So, you've probably read the crappy reviews. And avoided it in the cinemas. Seriously, who actually asked for this film? No one. But here we are anyway.

You know what? I didn't hate it. I went in expecting to be bored. To be angry that this was made. And instead? I was disappointed. Disappointed because I totally saw what the director was after. I saw the vision that he had; a dark, slightly more brooding version of these characters. And it was totally working up until about... Actually, you want my advice? Go ahead and watch the first half or two thirds. Then just leave. Or turn off your DVD player. Because dear god does it fall off a cliff. You can see the point where some executive came down from his lofty perch, looked around and said "Where's all the action? I ordered an action film didn't I? You, director man! Make me action. People want action!" And so it was said, it was done. And thus there's a real jarring change towards the end.

I can't recommend, but it seriously doesn't deserve the horrid ratings it's gotten.

And so that's it for my round up. Hope you've enjoyed it. On with winter films like Star Wars... And, er... Star Wars!