Harry Winser

Game of the Year

Since becoming an "adult" I've noticed I've had less and less time to actually game, which makes my inner child cry a little bit. However I did get to play a few and so thought "Sod it, lets share my thoughts with the 6 bots that scrape my website every few weeks". So I give to you Harry's Game of the Year!

First, some ground rules:

  • As I rarely get chance to finish games (blame my short attention span on MTV, or David Cameron, or the lack of bees, or something) any game I've played for any length of time will make the list/ be considered.
  • The game doesn't have to have been released this year. Blame Steam for this (I'm cheap... Oh and single.)
  • It's not chronological. It's my list. Deal with it.

Assassins Creed: Black Flag

Lets ignore the current shit storm revolving around Assassins Creed 5, and roll back 12 months to a good Assassins Creed game (Don't roll back another year. AC:3 sits on my worst game list). Black flag had everything I wanted from from a pirate game. Rum, pirates, ships, wenches, rum, sword fighting, rum, and of course rum. Sailing the high seas never looked so good, and fighting on the beach or in the jungle was gorgeous while still being functional (See AC: 5).


The story was more confusing than our current political system, and would introduce characters who would then do something and then disappeared again for reasons, but was so difficult to notice these flaws when you're broadsiding a ship while yelling "Fire everything!".


Ah Transistor. I actually wrote a review for this for a friends website, and thoroughly praised it. If you've not played it, then go ahead and do! Both it's sound track and art style are wonderful that I can't bring myself to make any form of crass joke about it (go ahead and quote that Super Giant Games; I give permission).


It's biggest flaw has to be that I've had no reason to go back to it (except enjoy the soundtrack). This makes me sad, and I loved the world and characters. Bring on the next game Super Giant Games! I'm waiting!!!

Pokemon, Y & Alpha Saphire

This year I've played both Pokemon Y and Alpha Saphire. First thing any trainer notices is how sod off easy these games have gotten. This isn't just calling my younger self a moron (seriously though younger me, get your shit together), but literally anyone can finish this game without an issue (as proven using Twitch and a goldfish). Your team ends up over powered without even trying. It's a real shame that any sense of challenge has been stripped. This, coupled with the a load of new Pokemon I couldn't give two shits about (there's one that looks like a key chain... That's a thing), and forgetful gyms and towns, made for a pretty forgettable journey, in Pokemon Y.


Alpha Sapphire now suffers from the above too. However, it does have the nostalgia factor which initially sold it for me. But holy crap do the towns and overall design feel a little dated now. Why is everything designed for 2 dimensions, yet you can run in three dimensions? But here's the thing though; Pokemon is still great. Characters are still charming. Battling is still irritatingly addictive. And I still get a kick out of bossing a Gym. I'll be buying the next one, and shamefully enjoy it.


The spawn of Activision's Cash cow "World Of Warcraft", Hearthstone has carved a nice little nieche for itself over this past year. It's one of those weird card games that super easy to pick up, but very difficult to master. Plus as you can play it competitively online, it totally appeals to my narcissistic side.

HearthStone Logo

With now the addition of a tablet version, its rather likely I'll be playing this game well into the new year. Oh and it totally goes with my short attention span!

Far Cry 3

Ok, this one obviously didn’t come out this year, but due to the wonderful invention of Steam I've been able to pick up the gem for very little money.

Far Cry 3

With it's great game play (stalking through the brush with a bow and arrow) and just feeling like a total bad ass through out, of course this game had to make my list.

Honorable Mention

Much like Fry Cry 3, this game was just a who lot of fun to play. Also, it's a great conversation piece. I am, of course, referring to Tomb Raider. Another one not out this year, but thanks to Steam I could play it on the cheap. The line I use to describe it is "it's like a Tom Cruise Movie; you know it's ridiculous but you'll enjoy it". Lara Croft gets repeatedly screwed over, and quite frankly I'm amazed she has any bones left. Oh and that tank top is exceptionally resilient. Pri-mark eat your heart out.

Tomb Raider

There is of course that moment where you face off against a boss, and it's subsequently defeated by a quick time event. Not that I'm bitter about that. Not after all that build up. Nope. Not at all. Oh, it was also one of the games I actually managed to finish this year! Go me!

Overall Winner

The pub on Christmas Eve is a wonderful thing. You get to enjoy some great banter with mates, and make fun of people you've not seen in years... Which for me usually means being the butt of several jokes. I told my friend that I was writing this, and put they question to them. He came back with Shadow of Mordor, which I've not played. Useless friend, I was hoping he'd be able to narrow it down. Basically, I don't have a favourite... Lol JK! It was Transistor. Yes, I know that's all hipster and stuff, but it's a game I'm constantly telling people to buy, and I still listen to the soundtrack. Having said that, everything on the above list was a joy to play, and if you've not played them already; go and play them already! It's good to be a gamer in this day and age.

Merry Christmas all!