Harry Winser

Film Roundup 2015

Once a year, I like to do a roundup of games. However, this year I've played a grand total of around 3, with most of them being released a few years before, or a remake. So doesn't make for a great list. However, this year I've seen a truck tonne of films; from Star Wars the Force Awakens, to The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies, to Jurassic World. So this year I thought I'd go ahead and do my top 3, as well as my worst film of the year. This list was actually really hard to come up with. We've had some great films out this year, from the wonderful Inside Out, to loads of good Marvel films, to some awesome (and awful) reboots.

Best Films

3. The Martian

Ah The Martian. I went to this film out of a suggestion from a friend (Shout out there buddy) and really rather enjoyed it! A film about a man being stuck on a Mars for 4 years shouldn't be as funny as it is, yet somehow it had me laughing all the way through.

Ok, that makes me sound like some sadistic arsehole, but hear me out. The whole concept of a man being stuck on Mars is rather scary. And the film could have been about how horrid and rough it really could be to survive there. However, instead of getting bogged down in "Oh god, we left a man there to die", it instead follows a true spirit of not giving up. And as result, you end up with some truly funny moments, as Matt Demon talks himself through 4 years in Isolation.

Of course, this film is based on a book, and apparently the book is much funnier but it's great to see an adaptation embrace its roots and follow in a similar vain.

So, like all of these films on this list, you should totally go and see it!

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Oh JJ. Abrahams, you wonderful man. You managed to do what many thought was impossible; update, reinvigorate, and breathe new life into this amazing franchise. Seriously, if you've not seen it, go! It's got everything, from laughs, to a decent level of fan service. It's not a perfect film by any means, but I loved it.

I will (probably) be doing a write up of it soon. Until then, just go see it in the cinema!

1. Ex-Machina

Ok, it was super difficult to decide on a film. We've had some great ones, but Ex-Machina was one that has constantly stood out as a personal favourite not just of this year, but has been permanently addition to my favourite film list. I've done a complete write up of it here, which explains my view points in depth. But suffices to say that this film is not one you want to miss, even though you probably did.

This film had me on the edge of my seat throughout, and kept me guessing on where it was going to head next. Not many other films this year has achieved that.

So go and watch it right now. Like, seriously, go! The rest of this can wait!

Worst Film 2015

So, what was my worst film of 2015? Oh, dear reader; it was one you weren't expecting. It was...

50 Shades of Grey.

Yep. A film most people wouldn't have expected me to have seen, yet somehow I have. And let me tell you, it was easily one of the most boring few hours of my year. This film fails in almost every single way I can imagine. It figuratively stumbles around, like some drunkard, for its running length (125 minutes!!!) until it eventually just sort of "ends", and you're expected to be looking forward to its sequel.

Obviously, I'm not exactly the target audience. But really, if you ignore the subject matter, this film is just flat out bad. There is NO character progression. There nothing here for the audience to bond with (joke about bondage), and amazingly fails to be at all raunchy. I've seen more on a DAZ advert (though, the sheets in the film were rather "brilliantly white").

So, 50 Shades, you're my Worst Film. The film that made me watch another film after just to wash out the bad flavour of this film. I was DRUNK watching this film, and STILL found it dull.

Have I ranted enough? Yeah? Good.

Anyway, onto a new year with new movies. Films like DeadPool, Captain America: Civil War, Rouge One, Independence Day: Resurgence (yep, this is a thing?!), and Finding Dory (just why?).

Is it weird that the more of that previous sentence I wrote, the less I was looking forward to the Movies of 2016?

Bonus Round

So, the Fantastic 4. I wrote about this a little earlier on in the year, stating how it didn't deserve the stick it has gotten. And I still believe that. Currently it's at 10% on Rotten Tomatoes while in contrast The Last Airbender (categorically the WORST FILM EVER MADE) sits on 6%. Even 50 Shades sits at 25% somehow?

Yeah, sure this film is a mess. But you could see its potential shining through (except the last 20 minutes where you just KNOW some prick in a suit with little to no original thought turned up on set and started changing shit), and had a good movie buried deep within it. It's a shame, and one I hope FOX has learned from.

Who am I kidding? FOX cancelled Firefly. Same again next year, yeah??