Harry Winser

An evening spent playing: Dungeons & Dragons

So a few weeks ago, i gathered a small group of friends to play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). And here’s how it went.

First, lets set the scene. Twas a rather warm, Saturday night in early August. We’d gathered drinks, food, and were sat round the table in a small flat in Upper Holloway, London, ready to begin our game.

The party consisted of Robbie, Rosie, Liz, and William. These four intrepid adventurers had no idea they were about to embark on a life changing, life affirming, journey through a magical world consisting of goblins, more goblins, some wolves, a Bugbear, and more goblins. Oh and, one character would become intimately aquatinted with a horse.

Anyway, our 4 characters began their journey with little information other than they were traveling towards Phandulin; a town to the south of Neverwinter who's inhabitants had recently rediscovered some old mines. As a result, these 4 found each other on the path to town, and maybe their fortune.

The party walked through the countryside, with the road taking twists and turns, with steep slopes on either side. Rounding a bend two dead horses appeared, riddled with arrows. Clearly not a natural cause of death. William, being of brave heart but soft of mind, decided to go and check them out straight away. Rosie, being equally curious, joined him. Liz and Robbie stayed with the wagons. Smart folk.

Suddenly, four goblins appeared, two sets on either side of the road. Of each pair of goblins, one had a bow, and the other a scimitar, with the latter loping their way down the hill towards the horses. A TRAP!

With the war cry of the goblins (think of the sound of a gobbling turkey, but poorly imitated) ringing loudly in the ears of the party, they sprang into action. Except, they were all startled, and so the Goblins had the jump on our untested party. Would the part collapse under the weight of this sudden attack?

The first of the goblins reached Will. Slicing with it’s Scimitar, it dealt a painful blow to William, causing winces from the rest of the group. Blood poured.

Next, a well place arrow from one of the hill goblins landed in Williams shoulder. Causing another collective wince.

The other running goblin headed into the fray, going for Rosie. Though due to a misplaced since of skill, the scimitar was thrown around wildly but totally missed it’s target.

The final goblin, who may have suffered from a slight and sudden bout of hayfever, fired his arrow into an adjacent tree.

Now it was our turn for our adventurous to fight! Robbie, pulling is bow from his back and nocking an arrow was fluid grace, fired and struck one of the goblins near William. It collapsed into a pool of warty flesh.

Liz, loosening one of her war axes from its belt hook, flung it up the hill. Hit over shaft it span, over and over. Until it laid to rest between the eye and nose of a goblin. It fell, leaking and quivering.

Rosie, rousing herself up from the “surprise”, rounded on the goblin. Heaving her war hammer, she swung. However, the goblin managed to escape from reach, but not without loosing an arm to the hammer.

So far, our party has done well. Two goblins down. One missing a limb, and the other way seeming to be lame of aim.

But what of William?

It’s said a mans bravery can be found in his blood. This could well be true; William had lost a lot of blood. He turned and limped his way out of the battle, towards one of the dead horses. Taking his sword, he sliced a cut through it’s belly large enough to crawl through; he did so.

The battle continued. Robbie, running up the hill where the last goblin archer could be found. Liz, sprinting forward, finished off Rosie’s job. Which left them free to follow Robbie.

Upon seeing the adventurers turn and run up the hill, the goblin decided to screw it and run for the hills. Though, most creatures are not fast enough to outrun an arrow. Robbie’s arrow struck through it’s leg, and caused it to collapse. Our the adventurers arrived, and Liz subsequently bonked it in the head putting it out cold.

From here, our party woke up the goblin, reclaimed William from a Horses innards, and went on to discover much more. I guess what I’m trying to say is this; give Dungeons and Dragons a go. Find some friends, make an evening of it, and have a whole lot of fun.

If you’d like to know more, or would like to know what happened next; contact me on twitter. I might be tempted to continue the yarn.